Clients – Y2K it is…. Merger goes GREAT – Old Theme Leads to Weak Link Here at … for the Moment …

For those that do not recall all of the worry over Y2K – the turn of the century that was alleged going to cause all computers to break, leading to water, power, and entire city lock downs… allegedly…

As most of you may or may not know because it was such a yawner and no problems… it went off without a hitch…

Schwab Merger goes GREAT

As mentioned here, Donald the Brain was on call and handled the review a few hours early on Sunday … The websites came up hours early for Donald and almost 24 hours early for everyone else… not that we were checking, but we were…ha

Most all of the very minor hiccups so far are related to Account Linking/Viewing…. And those are mostly related to differing Main Social or Tax ID numbers … We are working through these, but rest assured we see EVERYTHING from our perch just fine and have access to all the money movement we have before…yay

Let us know if you have not already and are in the camp above… we are learning/Fixing as we find the ones that are missing…

With 7000 advisors and 3 millions accounts, a win… in our eyes…

Going to need a new Link – Jaws parody here

Oh…. Before we go, right here at our blog- the base template has been retired…so the link (to Account View only) on the blog is old, but not to worry… new template is in the works….

Thanks for everyone’s patience, kind words, encouragement and compliments… You guys are GREAT!

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