More From Our New Tool, Koyfin … Equal Weight Index Versus “Super Star” Weighted Index…

From our Quarterly commentary

….but when you look a little closer it becomes apparent that this team is dominated by the performance of just a very few individuals? ….

This chart is the equal weighted SP 500 index for the year …. basically treading water…..

Per our new Koyfin tool, we can divide one index by another, giving an example of who is doing better or worse…. in this case the Equal Weight Index divided by the currently “Super Star” weighted index….

Again from the Quarterly commentary:

…..should some of those dominant forces not perform well or heaven’s, even worse, get injured, the real truth will begin to reveal itself.

Capital markets that are thinly led can have distinct vulnerabilities. On a positive side many of the players can catch up to give greater participation. An optimistic outcome. On the negative side just like our team, should some of those more important subjects falter, reality may sink in.,,,,

Note far right/most recent part of the chart … very distinct lack of participation…. also note other times in the last 20 years of lack of participation….

Not trying to split the Atom (haha), just making observations that may not at first meet the eye.

Have a Great “Equal V Super Star Team/Market” Review

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