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Yesterday (and today) I had the opportunity to visit with many publicly traded company managers.

Throughout the day yesterday, and most of today, I will be attending a conference for investors where publicly traded companies present explanations and updates about their firms. On Wednesday I visited with companies from the following Sectors of our economy, Biotech, Consumer, Energy, Financial, and Consumer Staples just to name a few. In most cases the CEO and CFO/IR representative was present.

As I left the conference yesterday, a few points became clearer to me:

  1. Most companies weathered the storm of the latest recession fairly well.
  2. This latest recession was a doozie!
  3. The Financial related company fully expected interest rates to begin moving upward (Further confirming our theme mentioned many times A Coiled Spring Being Held Down…Careful !)
  4. Energy prices are expected to rise in the future (Supporting our theme of inflation in the future.)
  5. Consumers are continuing to be careful with their spending.
  6. It’s too early to sound the all clear bell, but things are improving.
  7. Overseas is growing faster than domestically (Confirming our thinking the world is a much smaller place today An Interesting Weekend of Sports and How it Relates to World Capital Markets)

As you know we certainly embrace electronics and are big fans of distant virtual and distant connections, (several times during the conference Donald was looking at information live, as I was listening to managers) but it is very nice to shake hands, look managers in the eyes, and visit with them one on one, every so often.

Did the visits change our minds?

Not really, rather most visits help to confirm our current thoughts and beliefs, helping give us confidence in our delivery of thoughts to you.  Being humble, given the most recent events of the latest two years, was evident from both managers and investor’s. We have all learned a lot, which will certainly help us in the future.

Have a Good Day!


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