Healthcare Reform Comment; Taxes (Clients Only); First Day of Spring Picture

Kvale House First Day of Spring, Dallas Texas

This morning I perused my normal 15 electronic newspapers in expectation of dramatic comments concerning the passage of Healthcare reform. Not surprisingly, the lead story in almost all sources was/is the Healthcare Reform vote, but surprisingly there is little detail on the actual changes that will take place. 

One of the best sources of information I have found, pointed out by the Wall Street Journal this morning, is the Kaiser Family Foundation, which has great detail on the various options and gives investors the option to select their area of importance. 


For those ready to file their taxes, we are getting closer and would ask that you wait two more days for corrected 1099’s before sending their return. 

Have a Good Monday and a Super Week! 


PS A Picture of the Kvale house on the first day of spring in Dallas Texas!

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