Taxes Ok to File; Reminder of Common Mistakes; Preview of Interesting Tax Stats (Clients Only)

Finally we can all go ahead and file our personal income taxes. While there may be another corrected 1099 later, it would be highly unlikely and probably would not change any of our net returns.

Thanks so much for all of your patience in holding off on the actual filing. Many of us did receive corrected 1099’s several weeks ago, validating our exercise of waiting before we sent our returns to the US Government.

You might want to take a quick look at our tax page for possible common mistakes before you file.

In closing a couple of interesting statistics from the 2009 IRS Factbook.

Total Number of Tax filings in 2008:


Total Number of Examinations in 2008:

1,578,444 or .9% of total filings

Coming shortly, more interesting tax statistics!

Have a Good Day!


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