5 Financial Positives this Week !

Zigging and zagging our way to positives this week, we found an interesting first positive, while maybe a stretch for a financial positive, we included it anyway.

So here we go:

Violent crime falls: Even with a slightly sluggish economy, violent crimes have fallen dramatically. This is an obvious positive for any, especially those who travel, and is surprising as economic slowdowns usually lead to higher crime rates.

S&P Downgrades Italy: While again this may not seem like a positive the significance of this is the world capital markets ability to shake off the news and stand independently. This bodes well for market preparing for a possible Greek default.

Mergers and Acquisitions Continue: The number of Mergers and Acquisitions for the week may stun you as much of this was overshadowed by the mid-week fed policy statements. M&A activity often signals confidence and makes our positive vote as CFO’s let go of cash for growth opportunities.

Leading Economic Indicators Positive: While it is hard to believe, given all the negativity. Leading economic indicators came in at a plus .3% with market expectations of flat numbers. Energy plays a very big part in these numbers and has been much lower as of late, making a positive print all the more positive item.

G 20 Leaders and IMF meet today and over weekend: Similar to Timothy Geithner’s recent visit to Poland, G 20 leaders are gathering to discuss the current economic environment and possible helpful solutions. Little Brother countries are giving much support as their growth rates continue to accelerate and all involved understand it is a collaborative process of macro economic growth.

Have a Super Weekend and a great rest of the day!


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