5 Positives This Week, Starting with a Family Personal Positive

Zigging and Zagging our way to positives again this week we are finding more are turning to our side, the brighter side. Here is your week of positives starting with a very special family related positive.

Grandma Turns 100 : This weekend my family and I will travel to South East Texas to wish my grandmother her 100th Birthday, which actually occurs on Monday, October 31, Halloween. Maybe that is the secret sauce! No matter the reason, good planning, and happy living leads us to our first super positive of the one century candle on the Birthday cake!

Merger Monday AGAIN! : As the clock ticked toward 8 AM EST on Monday morning, it looked like Merger Monday was off the table for this week’s positive. An abnormally late barrage of releases from a Consumer Staples, Technology, and Health company hit the wires near the top of the hour. (Most mergers are announced very early in the am on Monday as a result of secret weekend meetings.) Again mergers are a positive in our eyes both from a confidence standpoint and a value.

Zoom Zoom, goes the Capital Markets: ECB continued talks and possible increase in debt lines lead to a very positive week in the capital markets. This positive may need some ice to cool a bit in the near future, but for our week, we take continued talks and possible credit extensions as a huge positive.

GDP Points to Better Economic Growth: Our prior, zoom, zoom, positive overshadowed a good economic number reported for the US. A positive 2.5% reading according the government pushed more negative recession fears back into the hole and made for another great positive this week.

Super Committee Meeting Getting Jiggy: Just as it took some time for the EU to come to a skeleton agreement, we see the beginnings of the super committee debt reduction committee getting going. Their Jiggyness, rounds out our final positive for the week.

Just a few weeks ago, Zigging while others Zagged was not so cool. Today and most likely over the next few weeks our position will become crowded. We caution all of our followers to stay level-headed, which we know you will do!

Have a Great Weekend !




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