A Two Day Blasting of Meetings With Over 40 Public Company Managers

Over the next 48 hours, a twelve-hour run today, and an eight hour run tomorrow, I will have the opportunity to visit, in person, with over 40 publicly traded managers (CEO and CFO’s) from across the country.

A wonderful by-product of this two-day blasting of meetings is a sketching of the  economy from all walks of life in the public sector.  I will be looking for themes to bring you as they develop, along with any positive or negative outlooks. The more consensus that is established the easier it will be to get a feel for the mood from this sampling of managers.  It is a given that companies from certain sectors will have differing views, which makes it even more interesting.

Each year I look forward to this CFA related event to hear the latest news from various company insiders and learn more about their respective company.  Each meeting lasts a short period of time in which managers briefly go over their business model, then jump into the big three Accounting sheets, (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flows) and then give an outlook for the future, with the last item being critical, as stated earlier.

Today lunch is hosted by former Dallas Fed chief, Robert McTeer. Robert is a good guy, whom I have visited with before and written much about over the years. I look forward to hearing his perspective on the macro economy and will bring you any major updates from his camp.

Have a Great Day!



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