5 Zigging Positives This Week From an ALL DAY Research Seminar

This morning, and for the remainder of the day, I find myself in an all day meeting concerning the use of newly released research software which we use regularly. It is a Friday, and that means Zigg while others Zagg time, so here we go:

For those who are new to our posts, due to the overwhelming negative focus of many in recent months, we took it upon ourselves to point out the positives on Friday’s to set your weekend in motion on a good note.  We coined this process “Zigging while others Zagg.”

70 Year Anniversary of Pearl Harbor – This week marked the 70 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor. As our lead off non-direct financial positive; While there are many countries still having issues with each other, we live in a much less violent world today, due to the memories of events that happened in the past and our ability to negotiate and compromise. These anniversaries, while not pleasant, do form the foundation of future generations working together, and as such, make our lead off positive this week.

Little Brother Update from Hong Kong – On a chance CFA related meeting with Andy Mantel,  founder of Pacific Sun Advisors, this week I had the opportunity to pick his brain again about the current state of our Asian, Little Brother Country. After living in China for 20 years,  Andy comes as close to being a resident as I know. As a fellow analyst, (we agreed to stay in better touch in the future), he makes a positive this week with his bullish, but volatile views of future growth of our ever-growing Asian trading partners (expect more comments from Andy in the future.)

Economic Numbers Continue to Hold Steady – This week for our fellow Ziggers we find Factory Orders, ISM Non-Manufacturing, Consumer Credit, and the always important Jobless Claims were all good.  As the Zaggers would have it, without our Zigging note, you might have missed the good news, but that’s why we continue to Zigg on these Economic positives.

EU Pow Wow a Positive – In the most headlined event since our last presidential election, and in Keyser Soze, mystery like fashion, this event is a Zigg positive, even if it appears many are not sure the outcome, meaning, or purpose. There are many vocal Zaggers out there, which we continue to ignore on this subject, as it will never be enough or happen fast enough for them, which we say “time out” to give these 17/27 countries a positive chance to work it out!

Downgrades without Disasters – This week the somewhat Zagging rating agencies, downgraded or warned French Banks, the EU, ESFS and my new puppy Chacca, just kidding on the last one.  Just about anyone financial related walking near their offices were downgraded or warned this week, but in true Zigg fashion, and like “the boy/rating agency who cried wolf”, capital market participants yawned!  This is a huge positive, as the timing of these calls remains suspicious to us, and obviously other professional investors too.

Lastly, in case you are interested, many of you may recall I am the former President of the CFA Society of Dallas Fort Worth (CFADFW) and am currently chairing a collaborative effort for the CFA Societies State of Texas initiative. If you are interested, here are my latest comments in the most recent newsletter, which highlights some of the pro-bono efforts the group and myself have accomplished for this investment organization (ok, so we are a little proud of the work.)

There you have it, another Zigging week of positives while others Zagged in negatives. We hope you enjoyed, and just as we thought in our Monday Tis the Season Post, our little island, which became overly crowded early week, is once again baron for the weekend, which is just fine with us!

Have a Great Day and a Super Zigging Weekend!




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