A New Green Start to 2012 – Interesting Stats Created By You !

Happy 2012 ! It seems like only yesterday we were saying hello to 2011, but here we are already, starting a new year. So let’s get going, we are going to have a great 2012!

We are happy to announce we are taking “green steps” in 2012 as a new, more economical, duplex, color printer, has arrived at our office today. We hope the execution of new quarterly reports and newsletters does not create  subjects that we need to tell you i.e. delays.   Personal “Electronic Vaults” have been very popular and are gaining in use as well, if you wish to take  “green steps” in 2012 let us know at cathy@jkfinancialinc.com, we will open your new personal Vault within 24 hours.

A special thanks to our readers of http://www.street-cents.com as last year marked several new highs:

  • We had over 5400 views of our site in 2011
  • We posted 136 new articles in 2011 (all of them excellent…kidding)
  • Our total article count is now over 430 and growing

Thank you very much, we are extremely happy with the popularity of street-cents, and look forward to another, even better, Wall Street Simplification, year in 2012, FFTFF (Feel Free to Forward to a Friend.)

We thank you for your continued referrals and look forward to meeting your like-minded friends, family, and business acquaintances, should they need financial assistance. Thanks very much for keeping us in mind, and sharing our services.

We are giving Zigg the week off this week as the Zaggers are lying low and the Newsletter, Quarterly Reports, and a Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching You” Part  II is making its way to the front of the new article line!

On a personal note, our household started the year off with a broken hot water line last night (that’s what that hissing sound coming from the wall was…!!!), making the much-needed morning clean up impossible, just a step for a gang of odorous maximus steppers today!

Have a Great Day!




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