Zigg’s Continued Sabbatical, Newsletter Update, a Happy Capital Market, Long Weekend

We let Zigg have another week off as his island is full lately and he has been busy chaperoning the party.  We feel certain his new-found friends will abandon him eventually, leaving him to espouse his views as his Zagger fair weather friends return to land.

The beginning weeks of the new year mark our annual “Preview and Review” of the capital markets, remember we are skeptical of so-called “Professional” forecasts, including our own. Our re-designed Newsletter (thanks to Kathy our editor) is soon to arrive in your mailbox and will also be posted to our website and has a great review of the latest year’s results and our expectations for 2012.  In “What Happens When Investor’s Lost Confidence in Your Government” we review what happens to our hard-earned investment dollars when government bond rates rise, which has not happened in almost three decades. Believe us, just because it has not happened lately, does not mean it will not, or cannot.

A very important part of our job is to continually review, confirm, and educate ourselves on changes and opportunities in the capital markets .  Yesterday I spent over six hours in a rigorous examination of the options markets and new technology which we have been reviewing for almost a year, but will come on-line in full force in the next few weeks.  In a timely, final of four-part series, concerning our Armageddon insurance strategy, we feel even more confident in our early findings and results, see “Investing for the Long Term, While Protecting the Short” also coming up in our newsletter.

In manic like form, the capital markets and their participants are still cheering the Holiday spirits, ignoring negatives, and focusing on the positives. While we have been positive in Zigg fashion for some time, we are confidently aware sentiment can change faster than the lead of a Dallas Cowboys game. That’s ok, we always keep our wits. But do stay tuned!

We hope you have a happy weekend.  Next week, as our Newsletter is completed, we enter earnings season so we will be back to our more frequent posting schedule, as this latest week has been a bit of a catch up time for us.

Thanks for reading and have a great day and super extra long weekend! Domestic capital markets are closed on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King.




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