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Department of Defense Releases UFO Statements and Video, Another Full Report Due Any Day Now

So we always talk Economics, Financial Planning, Interest rates or other Financial “STUFF” ….

We do read other subject matters … and have a funny sense of humor (some may say weird or strange, but that is ok-haha) … We wanted to bring your attention to a soon to be released report from the Department of Defense.

In a cannot make this up manner, the December 2020 Stimulus package included the mandatory release of UFO information within six months of the bill…. that would be by the end of this month…..(Ok, so we drifted back into Financial STUFF again)

No idea why or how a UFO report release founds its way into a Stimulus bill, but again cannot make this up!

One of Many Prior Releases

In doing our research we ran across a neat release that pointed us to a video that was downloadable…..

On April 27, 2020 the Department of Defense released a Navy Pilot video…

Release statement

Here is the video:

Over the last four years, there have been a dribbling of reports released. Here is a good article from Scientific American printed yesterday that takes enough sides of UFO’s, no matter your thoughts you will be supported…

Not sure why these releases are happening …

No idea why now ….

Will be very interested in reviewing the new release, which if holds on due date has to be released in the next few weeks…

Odd this was embedded into a Stimulus Bill…

Have a Great “UFO Report Release” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



Your Personal Big Data Explained in One Nice Chart

Our friends at Visual Capitalist have done it again….

Check out this fantastic chart of your personal big data.

Data of all type, has great value … here they outline each of our own personal big data!

Of course we could all say big brother is watching and get a bit skeptical/paranoid … we prefer the use of this data will help make us safer and happier moving forward!

Have a Good “Personal Big Data” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Holiday Party Invite (Saturday, December 7 … 3-5 pm) With Cool Map attached for GPS mishaps

The following invitation is on it’s way to your home, we hope you can attend as it will be a lot of fun and the J.K. Financial, Inc. team along with many of their family members will be there. We have also attached a neat map with an exact entrance location (bottom), as the GPS location is not always correct and for some reason each year we have the party at DAC, a small group ends up at a neighboring area … we hope to do better this year.

11-5-13 Xmas Invite and DAC directions_Page_1

11-5-13 Xmas Invite and DAC directions_Page_2

2013 J.K. Financial, Inc. Holiday Party Invite Cool Map

Dallas Athletic Club, Club View Circle, Dallas, TX - Google Maps Cropped

Click Image for Gigantic Picture

Have a Great Day!

John Kvale CFA, CFP
8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

All New 1099’s for Tax Year 2011 Are Posted Electronically, and Being Mailed Too

We know you have been waiting on the edge of your seats. So we are happy to announce, 1099’s for tax year 2011, have been posted electronically, and the paper versions are on their way to your mailbox.

Remember our recommendations for filing times, especially considering we would not be surprised to have multiple 1099 corrections this year, due to the new information.

Good News: 

After our various warnings concerning somebody’s watching us (Rockwell and Rockwell Part 2) our first review of the new 1099’s look fine.

While the form as expected, has more data on it, and will most likely be much longer than prior years, all seems good based on our initial reviews.

We may find a few hiccups as we continue to review, but at first glance, the new and improved, greater detailed 1099’s, seem closer to the mole hill, than the mountain we had concerns over.

Have a Great Day!



Zigg’s Continued Sabbatical, Newsletter Update, a Happy Capital Market, Long Weekend

We let Zigg have another week off as his island is full lately and he has been busy chaperoning the party.  We feel certain his new-found friends will abandon him eventually, leaving him to espouse his views as his Zagger fair weather friends return to land.

The beginning weeks of the new year mark our annual “Preview and Review” of the capital markets, remember we are skeptical of so-called “Professional” forecasts, including our own. Our re-designed Newsletter (thanks to Kathy our editor) is soon to arrive in your mailbox and will also be posted to our website and has a great review of the latest year’s results and our expectations for 2012.  In “What Happens When Investor’s Lost Confidence in Your Government” we review what happens to our hard-earned investment dollars when government bond rates rise, which has not happened in almost three decades. Believe us, just because it has not happened lately, does not mean it will not, or cannot.

A very important part of our job is to continually review, confirm, and educate ourselves on changes and opportunities in the capital markets .  Yesterday I spent over six hours in a rigorous examination of the options markets and new technology which we have been reviewing for almost a year, but will come on-line in full force in the next few weeks.  In a timely, final of four-part series, concerning our Armageddon insurance strategy, we feel even more confident in our early findings and results, see “Investing for the Long Term, While Protecting the Short” also coming up in our newsletter.

In manic like form, the capital markets and their participants are still cheering the Holiday spirits, ignoring negatives, and focusing on the positives. While we have been positive in Zigg fashion for some time, we are confidently aware sentiment can change faster than the lead of a Dallas Cowboys game. That’s ok, we always keep our wits. But do stay tuned!

We hope you have a happy weekend.  Next week, as our Newsletter is completed, we enter earnings season so we will be back to our more frequent posting schedule, as this latest week has been a bit of a catch up time for us.

Thanks for reading and have a great day and super extra long weekend! Domestic capital markets are closed on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King.



FFTFF (Feel Free to Forward to a Friend)

5 Good Things That Happened This Week !

We usually Zig when other’s Zag, as such, we decided to itemize a few GOOD THINGS that happened in the financial world this week, as those who have been Zagging of late, are mostly of negative items:

1. The Debt Ceiling was lifted and a plan was established: Most compromises or agreements are a form of give and take. While parties from different sides of the fence may view the Debt Ceiling agreement uniquely, an agreement and compromise is just that, and we now have one in place.

2. According to the latest BEA report, personal income was up and personal spending down from the prior month. This bodes well for the balance sheets of many who have been drowned in negative rhetoric for not saving enough.

3. Spain Successfully Auctioned almost $5 Billion in 3 and 4 year bonds: Easing some of the default fears, the Spanish government was able to float almost $5 Billion of new bonds, as just a few weeks ago, many thought this would be impossible. The rates issued where higher than earlier 2011 year issues (4.9%) but well below the made up, but followed, 6% frightening new issue float rate.

4. Interest Rates Fell: Mortgage rates, credit lines, and various other forms of debt have seen their rates fall. Many, present party included, have been watchful for higher rates. As rates fall, financing costs get easier, providing wind for our economic sail’s.

5. Gasoline Prices dropped this week: Just as interest rates have fallen, so have prices at the pump. Lower pump prices allows for a few extra dollars to stay in our pockets at “fill up” time, and also helps with prices on the items we pull off the shelf in our grocery store.

While there are certainly a few not-good things that happened this week, we will let those Zaggers tell us repeatedly about those items. We hope you enjoyed our good things as you head into your weekend.

Have A Great Day!


PS. I will be out of town today and Monday, but back in the office on Tuesday.

Don’t Look Now, You Guessed it, Another Unseasonal Tax Form

Just when we thought it was safe to open our mail, yet another tax form may land in our mailbox soon.

This form is called an offer or substitute W-4P and is a mandatory IRS form mailed to those who are taking periodic distributions from our IRA’s. Recall, we all have to take distributions from our IRA’s eventually.

The purpose of the form is to allow for changing of tax withholdings, and does not need your attention since we monitor these tax withholdings throughout the year.

We hope you are enjoying the official start to summer !

Have a Great Day!


When to file your 2010 Federal Tax Return? Delivery Dates and Deadlines

This year (2010 Tax Filing Year) according to the IRS, the official deadline for 2010 non-extension federal income tax filing is April 18th 2011, due to the Emancipation Holiday, which falls on the 15th of April, 2011.

Early Filers Watch out:

In a slightly unusual twist this year, due to tax law changes near the end of the year, the IRS is not allowing filers who itemize to file earlier than Mid to Late February, again, according to the IRS.

For investors, we do not recommend filing earlier than mid to late March 2011, for your 2010 Federal Income Tax Year. It is fine to have your taxes completed before this time, just hold off on filing. While we know this may seem a stretch for many, especially when a refund is due, the complication of tax reporting and investment reconciliation has risen in recent years.  By waiting a bit longer into the season, amended returns may be avoided.

It is not unusual for investment firms to issue corrected 1099’s (Tax reporting statements and reconciliations) very late into the tax season, sometimes as late as April.  It is generally much easier to adjust returns before filing, rather than amending a return if a corrected investment statement is issued.

Filing an Extension is ok !

If you find you are unable to meet the April 18th deadline, do not be afraid to file an extension. Extension needs happen, and are not unusual, Form 4868, generally allows for a six month extension of time to file.

File something by April 18, 2011!

The IRS needs to know your intentions, not filing something by the deadline is a no, no!

Please file something.

Lastly, tax reporting documents:

Many investment related forms now arrive on our around February 15th (we send investors cost basis tax reconciliation sheets during this time as well), do not worry if you do not receive many of your investment related tax worksheets until Mid February.

Please consult your tax advisor for specific rules that may affect you, we are not a CPA firm, and as such, the recommendations above are general in nature and your individual situation may differ.

Have a Great Day!


Financial Stars Align–Earnings Season, Newsletter, Quarterly Reports and Tax Deadline

Next week is one of the more interesting weeks of the year as many financial items align, not only for US tax filer’s, but for our firm as well. 

Earnings Season  (90 day treadmill) un-officially kicks off Monday with Alcoa “AA”, somehow the cornerstone for the start of earning’s season, reporting.  Thursday is April 15th, which marks the deadline for personal, LLC among others, IRA deposits under non extension filing requirements. 

Keep A Watchful Eye


Internally at our firm, we are completing the Q 2 2010 Newsletter. Regular “Street-Cents” followers know you will get advanced notice of the digital posting to our website, keep your eyes peeled. 

Clients, we will post our Q1 2010 Quarterly Cover letter, which precedes our performance report you will be receiving shortly.   

Busy, yes a bit, but more exciting than busy, as we get the opportunity to check in with public companies and finish tax filing requirements.  

Have a Good Day and A Super Weekend, 


Look forward to More Market Related Posts beginning next week.

Lunch with Michael Lewis Author of “The Big Short”

About four hundred of my closest friends (kidding of course) and Michael Lewis,  Author of “The Big Short” sat down for lunch yesterday (March 30, 2010) at a Dallas World Affairs meeting here in Dallas.

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis, a former Wall Street Salomon employee, now turned author, was interesting to me because he has some experience in the trenches of the financial world, mainly due to his stent at Salomon.  Much to my happy surprise, the majority of Mr. Lewis’ discussion centered around Economics and the Financial happenings of the last two years, with only one question concerning Sandra Bullock’s role in his more glamorous, non-financial related book “The Blind Side.”

Here are a few of Michael’s thoughts that I found interesting:

“The winners who were correct in capitalizing on the shortcomings of the latest financial situation were rewarded, BUT, so were the losers.”  Michael uses a Morgan broker example who was paid handsomely and is currently retired, who made a strategic bet with $15 billion in company capital and turned it into $5 billion in nine months time.

Michael reiterated the fact that Henry Paulson, former Goldman Sachs CEO, had a great objectivity problem with his position as Treasury Secretary while his former firm was in the cross hairs of the financial situation.     

Concerning the AIG bailout and the misplaced insurance sold to other financial firms which ultimately was the undoing of AIG, Michael brought up a unique thought that with all the compromises, it was interesting that the government did not ask for a partial insurance payout to the counter parties of  AIG, rather than a full 100% pay out which required considerable help by the US Government and ultimately tax payers.

“Change and regulation is coming”, which we have echoed before, but Michael added, “Much to many Wall Street Firm’s dismay”

And lastly, a thought that we keep in mind as professional investors, Michael through his experience at Salomon added, “If the financial companies at issue had been private, and owners held personally liable, I doubt much of the aggressive bets would have been made”

From Michael’s standpoint, I guess the event was a success, as I have added two of his books to my reading list and will tackle them shortly. I always try to remember that many times items may be Hollywood-ized in order to make them more interesting, but may still garner a few interesting facts for future reference.

Have a Good day!