Dancing in Davos with Tea Leaves from a State of the Union, 90 Day Treadmill (The Mouse Wins)

As the World Economic Forum’s Annual Davos retreat  officially kicked off in Switzerland today, we find ourselves more interested in pondering the tea leaves from last night’s State of the Union (transcript.) 

Just so you know:

Yesterday early morning during our first 90 Day Treadmill post of this quarter, my laptop mouse and I had a conflict, with the mouse emerging as the winner.  Here is the full post for yesterday’s post as once the mouse took over only a partially completed early am email was sent, thanks for your patience. 

Dancing in Davos

There will certainly be interesting comments coming from Davos, however as of late we feel it is more of an honor to be seen at the summit than the importance of the delivery of information. Most programs are streamed and we see many acquaintances on the schedule over the next few days, however, remember this summit is more of at “Think Tank” summit than solution.

Tea Leaves in the State of the Union

While we are cautious to declare the finding of a needle in the haystack yesterday evening during the State of the Union address, we are interested by much of the rhetoric, especially concerning natural resources. Worth noting, it is always much easier to discuss than take action especially during an election year.

That’s it for now, from a very rainy Dallas Texas, finally! 

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