Greeen Light for Tax Filings, Update on Private Client Event, A Personal Accomplishment Over the Weekend

Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting to file your taxes. For many it has been a long, much appreciated wait, and for some, we completely understand you have not dusted that file off yet, which is also ok.

We have had several rounds of corrected 1099’s which have had a decreasing impact on us with each occurence. As sure as we give the green light, we MIGHT have a specific 1099 that hits us all, however, we feel the wait has put us far enough along the path that we are safe.

Hold the date – April 28th, 2012 at 2 PM

While we are holding back on the final details as the venue is still in limbo, we do want to formally announce we have a VERY special private client and close friend event that is taking place on April 28th at 2 pm. Please hold the date, we REALLY think it will be a super event.

On a personal note, I finally slayed the 2 hour dragon (1:58)  at the local Rock-n-Roll half marathon, along the way thinking how nice it would be to finally give everyone the green light to file their taxes today.

Have a Great Day!



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