Summer Vacation Plans and Thrifty Money Savings Tricks, Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

With summer brings vacation, the fun, family, travel  AND a few associated expenses. In a special light-hearted, headed into the weekend post, we thought we would stray from the icky heavy market talk briefly for some brighter, fun ideas for the summer. Of course, fun without frugality would be straying to far for us, so here are a few ideas you might consider for summer savings.

  1. Write a portion of that vacation off.  We do not want to compromise the integrity of your vacation, much less your tax return, but do consider meshing a vacation with business in order to write a portion off.  According to this Intuit Tax related article, the spirit of the code is what is not “ordinary and necessary.” We are not recommending stretching the rules by any means, only staying aware of items that may save you tax dollars later.
  2. Book that flight on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for savings. According to Smarter Travel, several Orbitz executives find that Monday through Wednesday seems to be the best days to book travel. The execs state that time of day is of little difference, rather the particular day is of most importance. My personal favorite day to book air travel is Wednesday, away from a holiday and near the middle of the month if possible.
  3. Take a look at VRBO or (one in the same now)  for great vacation rental properties. I have personally rented from these sites over a dozen times now, and have yet to have a bad experience. Knowing several friends who have wonderful homes that are a part of these services also gives me confidence in the recommendation. Book early and be prepared to sign a contract, which is usually standard in nature.
  4. Staying away from peak times is the ultimate travel saver, which prior to having children I did not realize the advantage. If you have the option of traveling when others do not, YOU WILL be happily surprised, not only in price, but also in complication due to traffic.  Try to Zig when others Zagg, so to speak.

Short of bringing the sand, umbrella, water, mountain, or ocean to you directly, this is our next best effort that hopefully you have enjoyed. Be safe, and maybe if you remember a few of these ideas, you might have a few extra bucks in your pocket when you return!

Have a Great Day!


PS – Donald “The Brain” and I are out of the office today in Las Colinas on important business.


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