Mysterious Form 5498 Now Available Electronically, Coming Soon to your Mailbox, Office Hours For the Rest of the Week

The mysterious and somewhat confusing IRS form 5498 is now available electronically and may soon be making its voyage to your mailbox.

This tax form is one of the most confusing forms for everyone as it appears to come late in the tax season, however this is by design. Form 5498 reconciles with the IRS the following, although not in entirety:

  • Rollovers
  • Account balances
  • IRA/Qualified related tax issues

It arrives late in the season so as not to confuse you during the heat of the tax season and after regular April deadlines.  Granted, it eventually does confuse, but that is another story.

Do not worry that you are just now receiving this form. Just drop this form into your fresh new file for your 2012 taxes records and you are done!

Office Hours:

Cathy is taking Thursday and Friday off as her youngest daughter graduates from High School, and I will be out on Friday morning, returning briefly in the afternoon. We will not be open on Monday in honor of Memorial Day!

Have a super day and a great rest of the week!





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