Cyber Crimer’s ……. Say Hello to our Little Friend……Docusign!

Recently we have commented several times as we had expected cyber crime issues heading into the summer and have not been disappointed, specifically with email hijacking fraud this summer.

We think much of this is the old saying “Idle time devil’s workshop” however it is very hard to distinguish a bored school kid from a true criminal in cyberspace.

In addition to extra precautions we have initiated from our office, such as verbal contact and confirmation of directives, we have begun using a system called Docusign. This firm runs a system that is an electronic signature and online digital signature confirmation service.

When new documents are needed for almost ANY transaction, we in most cases, moving forward will use this service.

Here is how it works:

  • Almost any document needing a signature is uploaded into the system
  • We enter specific identifying information including email (s)
  • Super strong encryption occurs and the document is sent directly to the needed recipient/client, which can be two separate emails for joint signatures
  • Specific security questions are entered by the recipient proving identity then opening the document for review and easy electronic signature
  • Upon completion the document is re-encrypted and emailed to the institution (TDA, Bank, Mortgage company…ect…)
  • We/JK Financial are then notified of the completion and download a secure copy for our records

While nothing is 100% full proof, we hope you appreciate the steps we have taken to help insure ALL of our safety and the immediate use of cutting edge technological improvements.

Have a Great Day!


PS  A special thanks to those Guinea Pigger’s who have helped us test the system, you know who you are, and we much appreciate it ! (Clients, family members, and back office supporters)


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