Thank you Ben, Overconfident on Technology Upgrade, Rise of the Machines – Traveling

In the week that just was, Big Ben scoffed the so-called “Leaks” that we also mentioned and did not add any additional “Cowbell” easing. This is just fine with us as we are hopeful the US can “Take the Training Wheels Off” and ride on its own. The longer Big Ben waits the better we are, in our opinion….no more candy please!

On a personal/office note (one in the same frequently) our mid-week victory technology dance turned out a bit premature as my personal VPN turned up the victim of our new high-speed connection, and refused to play along.  After eight hours of tethered connections to our IT folks from home attempting to remotely connect to the office, the issue has been resolved.  It is all good!  Next step VOIP phones, which are on order and due to arrive in two weeks for an end of August install….fingers crossed.

While much has been mentioned of the recent machine induced spike in trading volumes which occurred on Wednesday morning, we see it as more of a yawner than a concern. HFT (high frequency trading) is here and provides liquidity for those that correctly go to the market to exchange one investment idea for a hopeful better one. Most do not trade in terms of seconds, but rather years, so while we watch the minute to minute changes for opportunity, we rarely react to such movements. (For the record we have an unwritten rule, not to execute transactions within 30 minutes of the open or close as we have found over the years large variances can occur.)

Traveling for the next few, but of course will be happily tethered (via the eight-hour VPN setup ..ha) to the office.

Have a Great Weekend and a Super Day!


PS  Next week some neat announcements including The Best Financial Planner award, a recent interview with Fidelity, and a save the date for our Kids themed Holiday party!


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