The boring Capital Market Week that was…..Exciting Office updating week ahead!

Wow, it has been a long time since capital markets have taken such a long nap. We are not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, but as stated earlier in the week, we noted that the trading volumes have seen near decade off-holiday lows. News has been unable to change the index levels much, good or bad. Many must be on holiday with Zigg as his island has run low of supplies lately, due to overcrowding!

We expect much of the same next week in the capital markets which is great as we will have our own internal volatility. Late next week the carpet comes up, the pictures down, and new paint finds its way to the walls of our offices at 8222 Douglas. We also have new phones being switched (ported is the actual term) and with little scheduling ability control, we will most certainly awaken sometime in the next two weeks to new phones ringing, hopefully working perfectly.  Our expectations are cautious at best!

Thanks again for reading our work this week and we will see you in the saddle next week!



8222 Douglas Ave # 590

Dallas, TX 75225

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