Reminder Today Friday 9-7-12 Office Off Line at 3 PM…..Zigg is coming to town!

Just as a second reminder, the office will officially go off-line at 3pm today as the remodeling crews begin their work. Our expectation is to be back up within 24 hours, however, taking EVERYTHING electronic out of the office leaves us without email and most likely without our fancy new phone system (we are not 100% on the phones as of yet, so we will have a surprise at 3pm either way.) Interestingly with a 4 and 7-year-old at home, disruption is the name of the game, as nothing is ever in the same place when I arrive home. The office is a different story, with everything always in the same place, UNLESS you are preparing for a remodel. Disruption is our middle name at the moment, and only a slight inconvenience, but definitely not comforting for the moment.

Ahhh and our old friend Zigg is headed back to town for a visit. For those newbies, Zigg is our candid mythical friend who gives us great insights for thinking on his own, away from the crowd, maybe even a contrarian at times. Zigg is named for Zigging when others Zagg and has kept us on the straight and narrow frequently. I look forward to visiting with him over the weekend and bringing you many of his thoughts, but for now will leave you with our latest conversation as he said “This market is very two-sided emotionally, kinda like your worst enemy driving off the cliff, only to find out he was in your brand new car!”

Have a Great Friday and a Super Weekend!



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