Earnings Update….Barron’s Cover Dow 16000 ??

So far earnings (aka 90 day treadmill) have been “ok” to “good” a far cry from bad and not near terrible, however as we have mentioned before capital market levels are demanding a “good” to “great” season.

This week we get another large group of very important companies and additional reads on the broad economy via several important economic reports. If the season continues at the current pace we would expect our slightly conservative view to become more popular….time will tell.Barrons 16k

Barron’s Cover Jinx?

Over the weekend the cover of Barron’s ran a “Dow 16000” headline which is always entertaining and makes for great reading. While we do think Dow 16k is in the cards…EVENTUALLY, we think it may be later rather than sooner. To be fair the Barron’s article was not predicting an immediate climb to the 16k level, but we find comments such as

……74% of money managers identify themselves as bullish or very bullish about the prospects for U.S. stocks……

a bit too optimistic given our earnings findings and economic expectations. I guess someone has to be in the 26% !

Have a Great Monday and a super start to the week!

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