Underestimating the beast…..On the Road Again

As we happily ride capital markets higher and watch their continued ascent, we are struck by our underestimation of the beast that aggressive participants can be as money enters the capital markets.

Eyes wide open for Clues and Confirmation

We are watching so close for clues either economically or via company to validate the recent moves…so far…well…we are watching. A fellow professional investor and dear friend made a very accurate comment to me this week that the P/E (Price Earnings ratio) is more of a confidence indicator than a valuation. He is correct and confidence is at high levels now…..and looks to get more confident! (Hat tip Mark)

On the Road for the Weekend

Just after market close we (family, friends, and myself) head to the land of the Alamo (San Antonio) for multiple business meetings, fun, family, and fellowship, along with a Mother’s day celebrations. Mother's Day

Next week brings a short week as we are out of the state on Thursday and Friday…but that is next week…enjoy your Friday and your weekend… be safe AND…..

Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s!

John Kvale

PS New special order super server is on order…yaa yaa….Nerds !!

PSS 6:45 am Tennis lesson this am with my 8 year old…..and she wanted to go…Wow!!!



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