July 31st 2013 The Great GDP Recalculation…..The Rest of the Story !

Being full fledge nerds and economic numbers being so important given the FOMC’s control of the situation, we are curious to see how much notice a full fledge GDP recalculation receives.

July 31, 2013 A GDP Reconfiguration Occurs

After the next GDP announcement a complete redo of the GDP calculation will occur going back to as early as record keeping was available.

Positives/Reasons for a GDP Redo

Currently many economists believe that GDP does not accurately reflect our current economy. i.e. How is it possible to continue printing a close to negative number and have a growing economy?  OUR THOUGHTS – We agree the economy has changed and better tracking may be necessary, however, dramatic changes will create the following (actually this will occur no matter.)

Calculate until you get the Number You  Want!

Conspiracy theorists will chime in with “Just make the number what you want!” as it will more than likely be a higher number. Ok, we agree, but to a lesser extent. Let’s see what the number looks like and then we will make our call.

GDP Picture

No matter where you sit, understand the rules are changing a bit, so hold on before jumping to any conclusions….and now you know…The rest of the story !

John Kvale

AKA Your Economic/Market Nerd.haha

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