Columbus Day … Wire/ACH and Postal Closed … Be Safe … PS Happy Birthday to Donald “The Brain”

Columbus DayToday is Columbus Day and similar to Mr. Columbus I will be traveling, arriving very late tonight back in Dallas, although not nearly as spectacular of trip as Mr. Columbus.

OTC Fixed Income Markets Closed Today

Those bond guys take any holiday possible…haha…kidding of course (very dear friends in the bond market).  In reality bond markets as we have said repeatedly are in control of all capital markets lately… just NOT today. Expect light trading and somber markets with equity markets being open, but not OTC Fixed Income.

Wires, checks, Post Office Closed

Money/Checks/Cash will not move today and as such wires and electronic transaction will be posted tomorrow. Mail will also not move today as the postal system also honors Mr. Columbus’ venture.

WITH MANY SCHOOLS schools closed, especially in the Dallas area, be careful out there as they are headed to the fair and will not have safety as the first priority.

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

PS Today is our resident “Brain” Donald Capone’s Birthday !  Happy Birthday Sir !!!
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