CFO’s Think Stocks Overvalued … Economic V Fundamental Disconnect ?

Last week we mentioned (here) that global executives across the board were more optimistic on their respective economies, especially overseas. We remind ourselves again that economic growth DOES NOT necessarily mean capital market growth.

CFO’s Think Stocks Overvalued

In this September 2013 Duke/CFO global Survey, 41% of CFO’s feel the equity markets are overvalued. We like the depth of this report as it measures a whopping 530 companies.CFO Magazine

Echoing the afore-mentioned global executive survey, they all believe growth is getting better, AND they are more optimistic about spending and their company specific situation.

Here are the key numbers from the report. (Our digital diary!)

Much of our writings are to clarify and remind everyone, including ourselves, that capital markets can disconnect from fundamentals … for a while. Eventually good economic growth MAY not lead to higher equity markets … time will tell!

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