2014 … A New Year Begins … Tons of Fun Stuff Coming

A new year has set its sights on us all, and we are extremely excited. The last year went by so quickly we had to remind ourselves several times what month, season, week, and day it was at times.

The BIG Q1 J.K. Financial, Inc. Annual Newsletter

Each year we espouse our estimates of what the coming year will bring financially, and economically while reviewing our hits and misses from the prior year. Clarity, crow (a lot at times) and future knowledge (digital diary), is borne in many of these writings, especially the forthcoming BIG Q1 Newsletter.

The wheels are turning on three very large macro economic articles along with graphs for clarity and help in explaining our thoughts, concerns, and expected dangers that await 2014.

Monthly Video Fun and Enhancements

When we started the monthly video, like any new project it can be rough. We are happy to announce we have an enhanced audio system (Blue Snowball) , no idea who names these things and a new video editing system arriving soon as well.  We have plans for a possible interview or two this year and possibly into the future, such the upgrade of equipment. We hope you enjoy the upgrades, and most importantly the content we review.

TODAY is a Friday and if your schedule is like ours, it is very difficult to determine what day it really is, given the two chopped weeks we have almost completed. That will all change shortly.2014 Start

Buckle up, next week we get down to business as we look forward to a great 2014!

Happy Friday and Happy 2014!

John Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

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