Don’t File Those Taxes YET … Employment Friday … Spring Break Travels… Time Change Weekend

With a week that started as a possible smoldering cold war, it’s almost hard to believe Friday is here and the conflict seems a distant memory.

Hold On Tax Filings YET

Congratulations to all of the prompt tax filers who have completed, or are almost there on your tax returns. Please hold off on your actual filing as we expect several more rounds of corrected 1099’s. The first round of corrections were minor in quantity, which usually means this will be a light year, however we have had  years where we are walloped in the second or third round. We will give you the green light as soon as the coast is clear.

Non-Farm Payroll Update

As we have mentioned/worried, the last two months non-farm payroll employment report have been less than resilient. (I know we have been mentioning this frequently…apologies, but this report is that important.) The street was expecting 150k for February (released today) and the actual was 175k … Ok, not a coast is all clear, but we feel much better now. We still feel there is abundant froth in the capital markets, but this eases our slow down scenario.

Spring Break Next Weekspringbreak

Next week is one of the most popular weeks of the month for spring break and my family and I will be out-of-town to a warmer climate for the week. We will be visiting clients, family, and friends, and will also usher in a week-long tennis school for my daughter.

With the newest Capone on final approach and having landing gear down, my tether to technology will remain flexible (light unless otherwise needed.)

Time Change

Turning the clock back is a favorite as the loss of sleep is way offset by the later dusk arrival. Don’t forget to turn yours’ Saturday night/Sunday morning if it does not automatically.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS My plans are to let the keyboard rest next week, but no promises!
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  1. Cindy Krantz

    John, the time change is SPRING FORWARD an hour!!!! Not back!!!!

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