Way Too Much to Talk About …. But a Friday

As a predominantly numbers oriented gang, words sometimes come hard for us, but that is not the case at the moment. We have more to talk about than we can share in just one post.

all about Social Security and Medicare

With a Social Security and Medicare themed Newsletter for Q 2 2014, coming soon, recent law changes, history of the programs, and questions are making for a terrific Newsletter that will hit the presses soon. Of course no newsletter can be complete without a talk about the capital markets and their continued froth.

The Tom Clark interview will be available soon too, lending a much more wise view of the two, sometimes confusing government programs. (May 1, 2014 Client Roundtable event)

Top Gun Performance Cover LetterMaverick and Goose

Next week we will roll back the clocks a bit to 1986 where Maverick and Goose make an appearance to help make a fun comparative investment point. Although a slight stretch, we think you will enjoy the humor and comparison.

Month End Video with better Audio

As I write this, a new (to me) solid state personal recorder sits on the table with hopeful promise of a much clearer audio sound for the next monthly review video and for recording our May 1 roundtable event.  Where is that on and off switch?

Michael Lewis Makes a Splash

If there is an author that can really make waves when a new book arrives, it’s Michael Lewis. His latest book, Flash Boys hit the shelves this week and rocketed to number one best seller. With a 60 minutes interview and episode, FBI, SEC investigation, CNBC, Bloomberg interview and as much banter among investment professionals and the industry rags as I have ever seen, we could not help but shed some light on this subject of HFT (high frequency traders) ourselves.  Look for that soon too, after the dust settles a bit.

Ahhh, but all of that is next week and in the coming weeks. Today is a Friday and the first quarter of the year is gone….Have you spent enough time with those special in your life ?

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend!

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