My Apologies, Not So Heavy … Summer Reading Personal and Recommended

Well I did it again. Traveling opens my creative thoughts and often I get to read more (always try to devour as much as I can) than when in the office behind the seven screens !  Taking a peek at last weeks posts, I must confess…that was too heavy … My Apologies.

This week, we start lighter and personal, so here we go.

Here Are My Summer Readings

Currently about half way through, this is great so far, maybe a bit heavy for many. By the way I almost always use audiobooks when available and this is the case for this one:

Stress Test By Tim Geithner

Stress Test

What I like about this so far is Tim’s honest, humble and somewhat self-deprivation humor. He also personal narrated the audio for the book, which makes it more enjoyable to me.

This is next up on my list and has been recommended to me by several friends who share my similar thoughts and interests.

The Everything Store : Amazon and Jeff Bezos Story

The Everything Store

After hearing nothing but great reviews, this hits my cell phone as soon as I am finished with Stress Test, for those extra long summer jogs.

In an attempt to not go from heavy posts to heavy reading, the Mrs. recommended her favorite.  While not a book, it was so out of my wheelhouse and not heavy, it garnered a recommendation.

Cooking Light

Cooking Light

With the Mrs. being a vegan, and I growing up on a farm in the country, I assure you, if I can adjust anyone can…haha

Here is a series of books that current two family members (myself and daughter) have with them at the moment and continually read.

Inner Game Author : Tim Gallwey

Tim Gallwey

Inner Game of Tennis  Inner Game of Golf  Inner Game of Work  Inner Game of Stress

Of course the Tennis book is in our family possession at all times (think we have two copies) and the Golf book, originally given to me by a friend many years ago, dropped my handicap enough to make the cut at college golf…for a while anyway. I am also currently reading the Work and Stress books…slowly as there are no audio versions…haha

Lastly, if books and audio are not your thing and you want a bit of educational, self-help, or almost anything via webcast, here is my favorite.


Originally using this service for help on this very blog site, now using it for our monthly video productions, and ocassional software education with many more untapped resources. There is a monthly charge, but I find myself going to the site several times a month as a valuable, dependable resource and worthy of the expense.

Alright…there you have it, maybe it was not heavy, but it did get long (sorry) ….

Have a Happy Monday!

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