Tall Walls … Great Employment Report … See You Tomorrow

The walls definitely were tall  on Monday and Tuesday as I shook off the Flu … much better now. For the record, no retirement for me !! Two days at home confirmed that… way too much fun at the office!

As an outlet to those walls, great posts…(at least in my mind), kept appearing and made their way here.  As a general rule, three posts a week are fine…but oh well…how about five? Sorry for those with fatigued eyes or full mailboxes ..

Boom … Higher Employment Numbers

Yesterday evenings (late) post mentioned a possible wish for higher wage growth.  Guess the wish should have come sooner as we did get a nice increase in wage growth and a 300k+ headline new jobs number. Wow!Job Market

Almost every part of the employment report was VERY positive. This is good news as it points to further positive economic growth. Yawning capital markets are also good … gives us time to grow into our stretched valuations  …

It’s a Party … Party Party

Look forward to seeing those that are attending the Holiday Party tomorrow … Thanks in advance,  we know there is competition for the slot this time of the year.

Isaac, our newest member will be there as well Donald ‘The Brain” and his wife and family … thanks for making it in!

Happy Friday!

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