Sneak Peek Newsletter PREVIEW… Happy Friday

On our second quarter Newsletter of 2014, we fell behind! Isaac, the wonderful newest addition to our family firm, terrible taxes, and regular seasonality put a crimp in our delivery. Because of that occurrence we have worked hard to get an earlier start on our Newsletters since then. As a by-product, better content, deeper articles, more revision time, and greater feedback from you, our clients. As they say …

One step back, two forward”

Fantastic coming Newsletter Preview

Ta Da …. Here is a quick overview:Newsletter Webpage Snaphot

  • Deep tax savings ideas (not too late for 2014 savings)
  • Social Security Review and detailed technique possibilities
  • Medicare deep dive options and explanations
  • Interest Rate analysis/research (two articles discuss this)
  • Bragging on Donald’s honored industry roundtable request
  • Capital markets play chicken with a  Federal Reserve official (not kidding here)
  • Great charts, historical data research and references

Ahhhh…. but today is another Friday … with a lot of folks out of the office, enjoy your day and be safe as the weather is tough throughout a lot of the country!

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