“The Brain” does Great …. Travels home

Getting away with fellow investment professionals, economists, CEO’s and specialized investment experts is always a blast. Yes we are nerds. A high point of the conference for me was non of these folks, all of which more information will be delivered in the near future. The high point of this event came from our very own.

Hollywood “The Brain” Does GreatDonald Capone TDA

Sneakily I sat in the crowd to listen to fellow professionals “uninhibited” comments. Happily they were terrific as Donald explained our use and implementation of several systems in great detail, but yet simplistically.

Donald Capone TDA

Oh…. Did I forget to say, after the roundtable, The Brain was asked to be filmed and interviewed for almost 30 minutes to help explain in even greater details our usage as a firm. Well Done!

Donald Capone Roundtable

Homeward Bound

As this is delivered, I am on my way home from a delightful trip where I had a wonderful time with some very long time friends in beautiful La Jolla and the afore-mentioned awesome interactions with professionals as well as Hollywood “The Brain’s” fabulous performance!

Landing well into darkness only to quickly travel to the new Perot Museum for a Y guys Friday night overnight in Museum sleepover awaits. No rest for the weary!

Talk to you next week, thanks for tuning in .. time to catch that plane!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225



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