Hard Core Investment Roundtable Update … Higher Interest Rates

My hat is off to all of you who travel extensively. You have very special skills. After several trips, I am ready to be home for a while.

Austin Investment Update


Earlier this week, after spending two days of “Hard Core” detailed investment roundtable discussions, we are even more convicted in our thoughts.

  • Certain areas of the capital markets are inflated, others not so much
  • A rise in rates could result in a headwind (drop in values)
  • Company managers are doing very good, with little wiggle room

Higher Rates Later ?

Janet Yellen and Crew (Federal Open Market Committee – FOMC) released the minutes of their last meeting on Wednesday of this week. Their posture was “at the time” slightly leaning towards a slower rate rise.

Ahhhh, but the green light jobs report came AFTER their last meeting.

Rates are going to rise soon, in our opinion.

Have a Great Weekend … Looking forward to spending time at home with my gang .. be sure to do the same!

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