FORMER EDS/HPQ Employees, You May have a new Pension Decision if You have not Started Your Monthly Pension Benefits

Recently Fidelity has begun notifying CERTAIN individuals that they may request their old pension be distributed.

Your deadline is March 6, 2015!

New EDS/HPQ Pension Distribution Option

I have been unable to determine the exact method for determining who is being offered this option. Fidelity said it was size related, but I have found inconsistencies.

As a former EDS/HPQ employee, if you have NOT commenced on one or all of your pensions, in order to determine if you are available to distribute your pension, go to the link below and see if you are able to register and log in.

This is what the splash page looks like.

HP Pension Splash

You must register as this is a unique offer and none of your prior credentials will work.  If you are unable to log in, unfortunately it means you are not part of this offer.

If we find further details we will let you know. Feel free to share this with others you may know.

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