Stanley Drukenmiller private event goes public … Forced to Clarify

Recently a fellow professional forwarded a 45 minute interview with Stanley Drukenmiller. His comment was a must listen. After listening to this 4 times and counting, I wanted to shorten the 45 minutes to a few posts.

This is one of the most interesting candid interviews we have heard in a long time!

Introducing Stanley Druckenmiller

Honestly, I had heard the name and know he is a big wig in the investment world, but there are a lot of those people running around.Stsnley Druckenmiller

A little Background from a high level:

Worked with the famous George Soros (renown currency expert who broke the Bank of England with a massive $10 billion trade in the early 1990’s)

  • Global Currency Investor
  • Global Stock and Bond Investor
  • Global Long and Short investor

What makes Druckenmiller so interesting to us is his ability to invest anywhere with an almost unbiased opinion in any market.

Private/Confidential Talk Goes Viral

This above interview was the direct result of a closed-door, closed to media, personal talk, to a group of investors in Florida in January of 2015. We love when off the record stuff HAS to go on the record.  Druckenmiller clarifies many thoughts from the talk in January in his Bloomberg interview … such the reason for the absence of a link. If you want the closed-door comments, digging deep should reveal it. We honor Stanley’s original request … closed-door!

Coming soon … Clarifications and some VERY interesting thoughts from Stanley Druckenmiller (Recall our blog acts as a digital diary too)

Have a Great Day!

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