Big Week Ahead – Friday – 9/11 – Football

Next week is a BIG week as this in the moment markets have been waiting for. Will Janet Yellen and the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) finally raise rates?  Donald says no– I think yes– more next week!

Only the Shadow knows! – showing my age hereShadow

Ahhh… that is next week and today is a Friday and while the “official” end of summer has come and gone … it’s darn hot and the pool still sounds good…at least here in Dallas.

With the end of summer…..comes — Are you ready for some Football?

You know the drill, enjoy and spend time with those special in your life…it goes fast — a special remembrance to those friends, acquaintances and others who lost their lives just fourteen years ago today!! 

Have a great day and a super weekend !

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