$18,000 or $24,000 — Funding levels of the most popular retirement plans – Break In : Pamela Yip

As we head into the final 90 day treadmill (aka quarter) of the year, we wanted to remind everyone once again of the most common retirement maximum pre-tax deferral amounts !

$18,000 or if you are 50 years young – $24,000

The standard maximum– again for the most common (each situation may be slightly different) pre-tax contribution amounts are $18k and $24k for those 50 or older.Retirement Plan

Check your YTD pay deferrals now- if you are short you still have plenty of time to catch up!

Call if ANY questions!

Have a Great Monday!

BREAK IN – Pamela Yip

Yesterday we lost one of the best financial planning reporters in the country. Early in my career I had the honor and luck to meet Pamela and work on many projects, both publicly and behind the scenes for over a decade. Pamela truly lived and breathed the spirit of financial planning.  Pamela_Yip

We wish her family the best and she will be missed by all.

This is just the perfect type of post to honor her — a true financial planning reminder article.


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