Happy Fed = Happy Markets — Next week two funny posts including our most popular Video EVER

As we mentioned in our Newsletter and our Quarterly Report cover page :

…”Yellen painted a gloomy picture of the domestic and global economies. Global markets, in a seasonally weak period, acted gloomy, dropping double digits as a whole for the quarter….”

While we don’t like to brag BUT …. Yellen and company (Federal Open Market Committee) have been saying recently the economy is now going along good enough to raise rates — go figure — HAPPY MARKETS !!Happy

Speaking of Happy – Next week we have a hilarious post on Monday and then …… your Wednesday post will be a repeat of our most popular – all original – one take video, that of course has had more views than any other!

Hope you can hold your breath that long — haha !

See all who are able at the Party on Sunday – If your schedule just opened, let us know, we will fit you in!

Have a Great Weekend!

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