Refections from a Client of 26 Years

Monday of this week I had the opportunity to sit with a client of 26 years. Stepping back from the X’s and O’s of taxes, pensions, Wills, Estate planning, and budgets, along with the up and down markets, we reflected on the almost 3 decades of time that has transpired. We spoke of her family, watching her kids grow up, and now her kids have grown kids … job changes, home changes, life changes and new chapters… just to mention a few.

We are lucky to work in the neatest occupation ever! We get to meet super people such as yourselves. We get to share your lives as well as ours, and we get to watch all grow and reach their own goals.

We are glad to be here for everyone and appreciate EVERY single one of you!


Sometimes it’s worth stepping back and looking away from the trees to look at the forest. As my meeting concluded it was really neat to think back at all of the things that we had shared together and have seen…..And maybe what we have not seen yet … for generations to come!

Have a Great Weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP
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