Tax Forms — Travels — President’s Day

Tax Forms on the way!

Tax forms (1099’s) posted electronically this week and were mailed out in paper form to all as well. Just email Cathy if you want us to send you an email of all the information directly…we will be glad to.

We also sent or added to your vault a Realized Gains and Losses report for basis information that was not reported to the IRS. Tax Guy hit in head

Mandatory basis tracking occurred several years ago and as such in many cases all basis information may be reported on your 1099. We will be sending our form as a catch all for basis, just in case.

Recall frequently there are corrections! We ask you NOT file your taxes just yet, until we get through a few correction cycles !


Today the travels continue as I am out of the office, but electronically connected.

Presidents Day — Office

Next Monday marks the honoring of President’s day. As such, banks, post offices, capital markets and our office will be closed.

Next week some great information from the events attended …. Ahhh, but that is next week .

Have a Great Weekend!

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