International Politics according to Ian Bremmer

The feisty Political Scientist and Author, Ian Bremmer, hit the stage with a bang at a recent conference.

What I am about to tell you, you may not like but it is true!Ian_Bremmer,_2014

Bremmer went on to speak in great detail about the various political events around the world:

  • Saudi Arabia Government is in trouble
  • Brits and China are getting cozy
  • Isreal and Pakistan are no big deal
  • No Grexit (Greek leaving the EU)


Here is the best part of his entire talk:

On visiting with 20 of the top 100 CEO’s in Davos, EVERY single one told Bremmer …

“Our company will make no major changes whoever is elected President later this year !”

Great perspective, given all the political banter we have seen lately and will see more of as we get closer to the elections !

Have a Great Day!

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