Corrected Tax Forms Update – Willie … On the Road Again – Friday

We are through the first set of corrected tax forms and only a ONE correction (I have already notified the lucky one directly) was made. This usually bodes well for the next round of corrections’ – each round is usually less. We ask those at the gates of filing to hold on just a bit longer… just to be safe!

Go ahead and send/deliver your tax documents to your tax professional or, green light to begin entering the data.


Travels Continued

Willie Nelson, popular especially in his (and my) home state of Texas …

“On the road again….”On the Road Again Willie

And I am …. but headed back home later today!

Have a great Friday and Super weekend!

Oh… planning on a review of do-it-yourself tax software next week…so if you are unsure, hold on — (Psst .. Turbo Tax is a safe bet !)


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