Summer = Increase Hacking

We topped out at 10 tax cyber hacks this year (10 people had some type of fraudulent tax related issue) and just as we all get ready for summer, we wanted to remind of a recurring theme we have seen over the last several years.

Increased Hacks during the summer

It is certainly not any of our kids, or any kids we know…of course not..BUT..

We do notice an increase in mostly non malicious cyber related issues over the summer. How does that saying go “Idle minds…..”

Keep your guards up this summer!

  • Do not open any weird looking emails, especially if they have odd links.
  • If you receive an odd mass email from someone you know, let them know they may have been hacked, it may save us all a few headaches.
  • Make your passwords strong by including a symbol.
  • Check the root web address carefully before you enter your information – if in doubt open another browser and surf to the link to see if it looks legit.
  • Take your time! Most of my miss haps have occurred while being careless and in unfamiliar web pages, such as looking for a unique sports statistic in unfamiliar web pages.

The good news is, with a little forethought we can avoid what is mostly a minor summer annoyance!

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