British Open Elder Leader/Markets… Extended Travels Begin … Friday

With a 5 on the front part of the clock, it is neat to see Phil Michelson, a personal favorite, recently written off due to the 5 front number approaching in his age, now leading the British Open! … 46 is really not that old is it?

Speaking of elder statesmen, the large company US capital markets hit new highs this week, making them, historically speaking, one of the longest/oldest in history.

It is a good thing for both parties, they don’t just die of old age … good luck Phil … More about the markets to come (Had to know there would be a market/sports comparison in there somewhere! yaya market/sports nerds)

Extended Travels Commence

The annual extended travel/remote working begins next week. Fellow professionals, family, and friends visits are all in store. Thanks to technology “think time” and a “sharpening of the saw” occur without missing a beat from the office.

A multi-part special series on the New Vault is in store, as well a promised economic analysis, beginning of earnings season, and updates.

Ahhh…. but today is a Friday heading into another wonderful Summer Weekend … enjoy yours … and talk to you next week !

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