Will the European Union/Euro Survive ?

The neat thing about listening and visiting with so many “Experts” last week is when several crossovers occur. By crossover, we mean different experts unknowingly saying the same thing.

European Union Survival?

The Euro, a combination of 28 different countries (founded in 1999) all linked to one currency with a common goal of trade and a common currency to ease flow of funds,  had a shot fired across the bow of its boat in 2016 with the British vote – Brexit – vote to leave, costing David Cameron his job.

David Cameron (the newly much higher respected) former Prime Minister/President of Britain, who lost his job over the locals vote to leave, said there is only one thing that would cause the Euro to split.

Oddly, a terrific crossover by Canadian Economist, Derek Burleton (more fantastic info to come soon) echoed the same EXACT kryptonite for the European Union.

Marine Le Pen elected as France leader would mean possible end to European Unionle_pen_marine-9586

We do not have a say, we are not familiar with Mrs. Le Pen, we are only announcing what two VERY distinguished experts said exactly the same un-knowingly at different moments at our event.

Mark the calendars as the election is April 23, 2017 !

Of course a split up of the European Union would have consequences for the global economy. We have interesting thoughts on these possible “consequences” should this occur….closer to the vote !

For the record, both Cameron and Burleton gave a very low probability of Mrs. Le Pen being elected.

Thanks for the forecast !

Have a GREAT “Forecast” Day!

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