Sneak Peek at App of the Quarter in the Coming Q 3 2017 Newsletter

Its hard for us to hold off on surprises…

It’s hard for us to hold off on fun articles too…

With lot’s more details coming in the next Newsletter….

Surprise! Here is a preview of the App of the Quarter.

App of the Quarter20170604_161221000_iOS

This quarter’s App is more of a device and a new way to track yourself as we review the Fitbit and it’s changes on our behavior.

Step Tracker

Mostly known as  a step tracker, we argue there is more to these devices than just a fancy step tracker, although they do a great job of monitoring your daily activities via your motion or steps.

Also lots of fun for friend and family challenges…cheating accusations will occur, especially from smaller frames to larger ones.

Heart Monitor

With a family of high blood pressure, the heart monitor was very intriguing…. you may not beat as often as you think, leading to possibly better blood pressure than monitored while under the pressure of your regular doctor or just before the knife of your friendly dentist.

Sleepy? Maybe you are not sleeping enough?20170606_193726000_iOS

One of the biggest surprise is just how little sleep you may be getting, unknowingly. Take pride it getting 8 hours of sleep, just as the Dr. ordered? Bet you are not getting as much as you think you are. Yes these devices also monitor our sleeping.

Look for more in the coming Newsletter as this is just a taste to wet your self monitoring appetite!

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