Natural Rate of Employment … Eclipse … Last day of freedom from my gang (School Starting) … Friday

Post great recession of 07-09, many including ourselves thought a new natural (higher) rate of unemployment might be in the cards.

Given a decade of history in the books since the start of the great recession, a more clear and somewhat surprising answer has occurred. Look for a detailed review next week.


What a neat experience to see the Eclipse this week… of course with appropriate protective eyewear. Nice picture Sophia..

While not sure if it is the summer season or the magnitude of the eclipse across the country … no matter, the capital markets almost came to a screeching halt, at least in trading during the afternoon of the eclipse.

There truly are humans behind those trading machines still .. see our AI review here too for more insights.

Good bye Summer – Last day of Freedomend-of-summer-1-1235145

According to my just about fourth and seventh graders, freedom comes to a halt today, as next week starts the school year grind for them…

  • Early to bed
  • Early to rise
  • Standard schedules –
  • Homework
  • Friends and fun

Doesn’t sound all that bad … only 180 more days to go! Ouch … Oh well!

That is all next week … and today is a Friday heading into the last weekend of freedom … I Guess?? (haha) Enjoy!

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