Paradise Papers ? … Arboretum RSVP soft reminder

Over the weekend it was announced a huge trove of papers (13.4 million) were hacked and publicly released to a German Newspaper and an international group of journalists.

Paradise Papers

  • Nick name from the theme of Tax Havens
  • More countries and people involved than Panama Papers – current estimated 120k people named
  • Hacked from the International law and trust firm named Appleby – unrelated to Apple
  • Hackers unknown at this time

We all find interest in these type of disclosures as it gives us a peek into the Ultra fast and famous … how the other side lives. One bit of caution, just because someone is named and a part of these documents does not mean they have done something wrong. The law firm at issue, (with many angry clients – digressing) is by most counts an above board legal firm catering to the ultra-fast, this being said, it should make for interesting reading in the future as we may see if what many “Are actually doing … what they say they are doing” regarding finance and especially philanthropy.

Arboretum RSVP Soft Reminder Saturday November 18, 1-3 PM Tour the Park after until 5PMf20bb085-9cec-42f6-97b9-df1ac26bf587-2788-0000022f455848a1-2

With our special venue of the Dallas Arboretum 22cnd annual Holiday Party getting closer … This is your soft reminder to RSVP, it will be fun!

Have a Great Paradise Found day!

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