Taxes … the 1099, Tests – Re-Tests … Tennis … Enjoy Your Weekend

A large wave of 1099’s have just been released and are on their way to your mailbox even if you have electronic delivery of all other items…

While less frequent than in past years, corrected 1099’s do occur….

We would be careful in filing your taxes at least until the first corrected round occurs… which will be a few weeks!

Test and Re-Test

The Capital Markets are trying to figure out what level they should be at. As mentioned earlier this week, we got WAY ahead of ourselves…

There have been some silly products that have also caused extra movement in the capital markets as well.

While it is hard to believe, given the journey, we are currently very near where we started the year, BUT because we went up too far and now back down AND because it is human nature for un-comfort to feel much stronger than comfort, it feels much worse.

2-8-18 SP X


More on this in greater detail next week.

No travels this weekend as the Tournament is here.. yaa.. our own bed and home cooked food!!

Have a Great Friday and Wonderful Weekend…. See ya next week!

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