App/Hardware of the Quarter Preview -Whirlwind Trip for “The Brain” – Black Eye Repaired … Jen’s Continued Baptism – Travels

Each quarter we like to highlight an App of the Quarter in our Newsletter … This Quarter, as a sneak preview, we did not pick an App, but a SUPER handy piece of hardware, that has saved us a ton…. We will divulge next week!

Donald “The Brain” with a Black Eye?

What’s the only thing you really don’t want to have when your having a photo shoot? 

How about a Black eye!black eye -pexels-photo-1404727

In a “You cannot make this up way” The Brain arrived in Dallas yesterday morning for a record breaking fast whirlwind tour photo shoot, then flight back home – with non other than – you guessed it …. A Black Eye!

Thanks to an opponent softball player’s wild elbow while turning the base, The Brain had a nice shiner ….

Jen’s continued baptism was in full force as the waterproof cover-up was handy … no more black eye! Sorry folks, a perfect photo moment was lost as they both knew I would want a pic, and they waited until a much needed gas refill was occurring – rats, missed it..

Photo shoot done!

Hmmmmm …. Why the photo shoot?

Well, we cannot say for about three more weeks, but when we can – WE WILL – LOUDLY


As you read this I will likely be in a plane with the 13 year old, headed to a National Tennis Tournament in a warmer state, where “What Happens There, Stays There” … 100+degrees will feel like summer again ….. All Good!

The end of the THIRD – yes – third quarter, of 2018, is next week — it goes fast…. spend time with those important …. talk to ya next week!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

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